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Boilers, pumps, chillers, fan coils from KZK ASTANA

   Since 2000, our company has been supplying boilers, pumps and other types of equipment for heating, water supply, water treatment, ventilation and air conditioning. Beyond that, we have been providing a range of services such as designing, batching, installation, testing and commissioning, warranty and maintenance. 

  Specialists of KZK ASTANA design and install boilers and internal systems of any scope: ranging from a small private house as large as 100-200 sq.m. to large apartment blocks, industrial and leisure facilities. You can also order electric installation works, water supply and sewer works: arrangement of hot and cold water pipes, laying out of pipes, installation of plumbing fixtures, ventilation and air conditioning works.

  Our specialists undertake a special approach to each customer, consulting customers in view of their specific needs; our specialists offer an optimal price and quality as well train customers on how to maintain their equipment.

  Our boilers, pumps, chillers, fan coils and other types of equipment are distinguished by their high quality and are manufactured in accordance with the most advanced technologies, which is confirmed by their quality certification systems as well quality systems of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Equipment comes with user manuals in Russian and is adapted to the working conditions in Kazakhstan.




Site visit


    Tell us when you are comfortable to meet with us and our specialist will visit your site in order to be acquainted with the construction layout and the site.

    You do not have to pay for the specialist visit – this service is free.




Once we have had preliminary measurements and discussed them with you, we draft a preliminary overall price, including:

• cost of equipment

• cost of utility lines

• compensation for designer’s services

• compensation for installation

• compensation for testing and commissioning


Designing the heating system


Our engineers do all the designing at high quality and within short periods. In parallel, we discuss the design documentation with you. Designing stages include:

• selection of equipment (as approved by you)

• planning and charting the heating system

• calculation of maintenance costs


Equipment options


  In supplying the parts of the equipment, we take into account the interior and design of your house.  Our specialists will select the high-premium equipment that effectively combines your preferences and budget.

  For the installation, we use our own transport to deliver the equipment to the customer’s site.


Installation and testing, and commissioning


  Our experienced specialists are the ones in charge of installation. Warranty is provided for all types of installation works.

  Once installed, the system is tested and launched. This stage involves the quality check for all nodes and connections as well as functions of the system.


Warranty and maintenance service


  If our specialists commission the equipment, you get one year of free warranty service. Warranty sites are serviced in the first place. If a customer wishes, we provide post-warranty services: corrective maintenances or contractual maintenance. We have a large stock of spare parts for all types of equipment that we sell.


We will be happy to work with you and here is what we have:

 Experienced staff;

• Modern equipment;

• Affordable prices; 

• High quality of services; 

• Fast deliveries; 

• Flexible discounts; 

• And, THE MAIN THING, desire to work with you! 

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